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Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose - The Key to Motivation?

19-Aug-2016 14:15:04 Motivate people Visualisation


This might not be the first time you have heard the words Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose, emblazoned within a blog, paraded across a slide or bellowed from the rooftops - especially for those of you that are conference junkies or Meet-up gurus. I have illustrated these three words on multiple occasions, as they are salient points rising at many conferences from the inspiring talk by Daniel Pink.

Due to the ever-growing popularity of Daniel’s renowned talk and video, my desire to share how I have been inspired by these buzzwords may rest on deaf ears. However, I will bravely continue in the hope that I can keep you engaged.

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Organisational Culture And Agile Frameworks: How To Create An Alignment

Culture impacts all areas of our lives. Some are obvious such as religion, family values. Many, however, fall below the radar but still have lasting effects. In this article we will look how you could create an alignment between your organisational culture and the Agile framework you choose to adopt.

What is Culture?

I don’t think you can go far wrong with William Schneider’s definition of Culture: How we do things around here to succeed.

Schneider describes four distinct cultures summarised below in his model, as illustrated by Michael Sahota in his book ‘An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide’.


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Radtac Espresso | Short intense shot of Agile Training

26-Jul-2016 16:00:00 Agile training

 Short Agile courses - sharing the success

Radtac has been running bespoke One Day Agile training courses for clients for a number of years. We think everyone should have the benefits of these One Day courses. 

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Release the Power of Visualisation with Graphic Templates

Visualisation to Unlock Potential

I often hear people coming to my Meetups and 'Visualisation Workshops' asking about the potential of visualisation. Often people, just like you, have questions about how illustration can help - do any of these ring bells with you?

  • What if I could visualise my ideas more effectively?
  • How can I make it easier for people to relate to what I have in my mind?
  • How can I keep my stakeholders focused and make teams collaborate more effectively?


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Evolving From Scrum To Scrumban And Beyond

20-Jul-2016 11:00:00 Kanban Scrum Agile teams Scrum team How-To

This blog is a case study of an Agile implementation which started off as a classic Scrum implementation, and then evolved to use Scrumban and Kanban techniques.

In the Beginning.

It is day 1 of sprint 1 for a team.  

To set some context, a Business Analyst had spent several months preparing a product backlog of nicely written user stories. They were conveniently written in the user story format:

‘As a <who>’

‘I want <what>’.

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Spark The Change 2016: Event Highlights, In Pictures

Spark the Change, Day 1


Spark the Change conference took place on July 6-7th at The Brewery in London. A great, well-organised event packed with inspirational talks and highly interactive sessions. Stuart Young, Radtac's Visual Artist, has captured the essence  from many of the talks throughout the two days. (Warning: Lots of pictures included.)


Spark the Change is an event which 'brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change'. The event aims to 'inspire people and offer practical help in overcoming obstacles and developing your skills to make a change'.

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Digital Transformation on Sky TV

Radtac worked in partnership with Executive TV and Collaborative Media  (@collabmedia1) for the programme 'Workplace Innovation' broadcast on @SkyUK  'Propeller' channel 189 at 10:30 on Sunday 10th July 2016.

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How To Create High-Performing Teams

Often we talk about creating high-performing teams. What do we need to consider when creating a high-performing team, and how exactly do we do it? This blog article will answer your questions.

Can a High Performing Team be created just like that?

If you're in a project, and you're creating a new team, typically you get people from different parts of the organisation together into what you call a team. At the end of the project (which by definition is a temporary structure), that team gets crashed or abandoned.

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Agile Talent with Agile Experts

Agile experts are often hard to find and expensive to recruit.

Often that's just the begining. Who can genuinely interview Agile practitioners and assess their skills and experience? Once on board your new ScrumMaster might cause waves in the organisation as the current processes and behaviours are challenged and this can cause friction at a team or business level.

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Why Agile? [White paper included]

28-Jun-2016 16:23:35 Business insider Business agility Agile

Whenever we start a course, no matter how expert the people in the group are, or whenever we engage with a new client in consulting, we like to pose the following question: Why do we do this Agile ‘thing’?.


So, indeed, why do we do Agile? Let's have a closer look.

Traditional methods - Waterfall


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